The Precision AL Profile System

KARPOS® is a modular, retooling capable 3D-positioning system for universal deployment in different areas, for example:

  • Welding facilities
  • Measurement- and diagnostic facilities
  • Prototype construction
  • Sample manufacturing
  • Camera- und control systems
  • General engineering
  • Laboratory techniques
  • Furniture construction

As a construction kit system, it replaces all previous special-purpose solutions, which can be quite elaborate and static. All elements can be arbitrarily connected with only one screw and two dowel pins. Only a hex-wrench is required for the entire installation. Shims can be inserted between the joints in order to enable a fine positioning with a precision of a tenth of a millimeter.

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The handling of KARPOS parts is exceedingly simple. All components can be installed with a single hex-wrench.


The zero-point clamping module and the revolving module can also be used as a tool quick-change system (one‑screw‑system).


With KARPOS® adjustments in all layers are possible with a precision of 0,1 mm. Angular positions are freely adjustable.


All positioning points are fully reproducible and thus documentable. Thereby the process safety of the entire opartional area is warranted.


With KARPOS® the costs of development, construction, manufacturing, installation and setup are reduced to 50% of previous costs while maintaining 100% retooling capability.


The reusability of individual modules and elements means that natural and financial resources are preserved.

Life span

KARPOS® is a particularly durable system. By using high-tensile aluminium, a considerable reduction in weight is achieved.

Application example: Modular assebly table system

Application example: Box rack